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2 Day Motivational Interviewing Workshop

Story posted: March 24th 2016

2 Day Motivational Interviewing Workshop

Motivational Interviewing (MI) offers a way of interacting with a person that is collaborative, empathic, respectful and compassionate. It can help to resolve ambivalence about change, evoke a person’s internal resources and strengthen commitment to change.

As a key guiding principle, MI supports a person’s autonomy and honours them as the expert in their own lives.

This two-day workshop will provide an overview of the values and process of MI and introduce the opportunities to practice some of the approaches and skills.

This workshop is suitable for people with no previous experience, however participants with prior exposure to MI will have a chance to deepen their skills through coaching and feedback within a supportive environment. The workshop is designed to be accessible, interactive and practical.

The 2 day workshops will be held in Launceston, Brighton and Ulverstone. For further information, download a copy of the event flyers here, or contact the workshop facilitator Matthew Spicer by email at matthew.spicer[at]  (matthew.spicer[at]   or call 0428 597 284.

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