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Our Board

Flourish Board of 2019/20

Rhonda McLaughlin - Chair
Director, Disability Programs, National Life Without Barriers

Rhonda has extensive management experience in the community sector in the areas of disability, child youth and family services and mental health services. Rhonda has experience working with Boards and has a Master of Business Administration specialising in Corporate Governance. Rhonda has a family member with a mental illness and is committed to mission and values of Flourish.

Julia Westland - Deputy
Elected consumer Southern FLAG; CRS/ Office volunteer; member of various mental health organisations; Peer Support Worker

Julia has a 40-year lived experience of mental health and uses a variety of mental health services. She participates in Flourish as a volunteer in the office, as a Consumer representative in Flourish CRS and is an active member of the Southern FLAG.

Julia is also an active member of other mental health related community groups, including the Clarence Council Wellbeing Committee, Eureka Clubhouse and is a book in the Hobart Human Library where she tells her story of discrimination to change public attitudes to mental health. She has advocated for change in services she uses. She is keen to represent mental health consumers at the Flourish Board level. She is trained in Certificate 4 Mental Health Peer Work and has a genuine desire to life better for all.

Yolanda Prenc - Secretary
Senior Crown Counsel within the Office of The Director of Public Prosecutions

Yolanda has worked within the Department Of Justice since 2005. She frequently comes into contact with those living and experiencing mental illness. In the past, she has also appeared as an Advocate for persons appearing before the Mental Health Tribunal and as a result, is acutely aware of issues facing those with a lived experience of mental illness.

As a Board member she is motivated and committed to identifying any need for change, so that mental health consumers are treated fairly and respectfully and have a voice in structure and process. Yolanda is keenly interested in promoting the rights and opportunities of mental health consumers and raising public awareness and understanding in the community.

Richard Scaife - Treasurer
Investigator Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

Richard has a breadth of experience across many disciplines including legal, accounting, financial management, together with compliance and governance functions. He has been a member of the Board since 20 June 2017 and has had the responsibility of being Treasurer. He has in 2017 undertaken the Australian Institute of Company Directors Governance Foundation for Not-for-profit Directors which will further enhance his skills and contribution as a Director of Flourish.

Lisa Coppe
Elected consumer Northern FLAG; Coordinator of the Northern FLAG; volunteer for the Red Cross Mates program; member of the Restrictive Interventions Review Panel at the LGH

Lisa has had a lived experience of mental ill-health and engagement with the mental health system; this has enabled her to help contribute this knowledge and experience to assisting others. With an Honours university degree, Lisa has worked in administration; in policy over nine years in Canberra, in the Embassy of the State of Eritrea as a Secretary to the Ambassador over several years, assisting this nation towards peace and a greater prosperity.

Lisa has recently been trained and worked both in a paid and volunteer capacity in the area of disability and mental health; and is completing Certificate IV in Mental Health Peer Work. Lisa has completed a Certificate in computing at TAFE. She supports safe holistic, supportive and person-centred treatment for those with a lived experience of mental-ill-health, the reduction of stigma, and greater expansion of the mental health support network all over Tasmania, including into rural and regional areas.

Sandra Hayes
Mission Australia, Salvation Army, LDS Church

Sandra has strong interest in developing a peer workforce and clinical supervision. She also believes that the membership and involvement of consumers should be expanded throughout Tasmania. She has the ability and desire to inspire people to become part of something that is bigger than themselves and to work for a worthy cause. She wants to support the increase and expansion of ideas and working in teams.

Paris Shacklock
Elected consumer NW FLAG

Paris’ experience in governance is supported by UTas studies in Political Science, with the key focus of State Politics and Psychology. To complement and underpin these studies, he has developed a range of sound networks within the political spectrum and advocates consistently on behalf of Flourish. He has gained a sound understanding of mental health concerns, conditions and associated treatments.

Paris believes that the world of psychology has much to learn related to mental health; and that the consumer perspective will always have a role to play in policy development. Lived experience Board member.