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Consumer Representative Service (CRS)

What is the Flourish Consumer Representative Service?

What is a Consumer Representative?

Consumer Representatives provide their own personal experience of mental illness, and/or in consultation with other consumers, a general view of the lived experience.  Consumer Representatives want to make a difference in their community and to the lives of other people coping with mental ill-health and their families/carers.

Consumer Representatives are reimbursed for their time and expenses undertaking approved activities through Flourish.

What does a Consumer Representative do?

Depending on what you would like to do and your skills, experience and confidence levels, the types of activities may include:

  • Board, Committee and Selection Panel membership
  • Training and information sharing
  • Undertaking and/or assisting with consultations
  • Public Speaking opportunities.


How to become a Consumer Representative
Complete an application form outlining your contact details, background, skills and experience, types of services you have accessed, areas of interest, availability and training needs.

Application forms are available to download here, or you can phone or email us if you require a form to be mailed out to you.

Give your completed form back to Flourish and we will invite you in for a chat about what happens next and to answer your questions.

Further Information

Flourish Consumer Representative Darren Jiggins gave a presentation at the “Working Together: National Mental Health Initiatives In Tasmania” forum. You can view his presentation in full on YouTube below.


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