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Flourish Local Action Groups (FLAGs)

Want to be a member of one of our Flourish Local Action Groups (FLAGs)?
If you have a lived experience of mental ill health and want to act on issues that are meaningful to you – then join us! Fill out the application form and send it in.

We have established FLAGs in the South, the North, and the North West of the state to ensure that people with a lived experience of mental ill health can have a say on the full range of mental health issues that help and block recovery.

These groups work with their local communities, with government and on behalf of Flourish, to ensure that networks are developed within local communities, government agencies and peer organisations that will foster greater understanding of the impact that mental illness has on consumers and their families, and to advise the Flourish management and state-wide constituency on specific regional issues.

We are currently taking applications for membership to our three FLAGs. Please download an Application Form.


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