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Important changes to the Flourish Constitution

Story posted: October 2nd 2017

Important changes to the Flourish Constitution

Greetings from the Flourish Board. At a Special General Meeting on 19 September, the Constitution changes were adopted. The new Constitution is can be viewed at

As a result, we must now do the following:

1. Invite consumers to become registered members of Flourish

  • This will establish a formal register which will be kept in confidential status. This will also become a data base of valuable and important information which (without names) can inform stakeholders.
  • Registered members will be entitled to vote at Annual and Special General Meetings.
  • Individuals applying for membership to the Association must do so in writing on the prescribed form and sign. An application form is attached.

The following extracts from the new Constitution are important.

  • All Applications must be considered by the CEO and endorsed by the Board and recorded in the minutes of the meeting
  • Applications can only be considered up to one month before an Annual General Meeting. Applications for new membership received during the one month prior to an Annual General Meeting shall be processed after the Annual General Meeting.
  • Applications for membership will not be considered from the floor during a general meeting.
  • The Board retains the discretionary right to not accept or endorse any application for new membership.
  • All individuals applying for membership will receive written advice on the outcome of their application.

This means that individuals wishing to become registered members with entitlement to vote at the AGM (22 November) MUST have their application forms to the CEO by 20 October.

2. Establish the procedures we will follow for members of the FLAGs to nominate and/or accept nomination for election to the Board.

  • Each FLAG can elect a Board member
  • Nomination procedures will be sent to you very soon

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