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Mental Health Consumer and Carer Engagement Project

Story posted: June 26th 2017

Mental Health Consumer and Carer Engagement Project

The National Mental Health Commission is collaborating with mental health experts with a lived experience of mental illness to co-design a new Consumer and Carer Engagement Project to enhance opportunities for participation. The Project Steering Group is being chaired by Commissioner Jackie Crowe and guides the project and provides advice to the Commission on what we can do together that supports reform implementation.

The Steering Group will examine consumer and carer engagement policies and practices across key parts of the mental health and suicide prevention systems. Craze Lateral Solutions have been engaged to work on this project and undertake consultations with key stakeholders across Australia.

During June and July, consumers, carers, families, support people and other stakeholders are invited to share their knowledge and experience through these consultations.

To access information about the project or to view membership of the Steering Group please visit the National Mental Health Commission website at

To participate in one of more of the consultation processes please visit

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