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Wellways Peer Education

Story posted: March 5th 2018

Wellways Peer Education

Wellways have two wonderful peer education programs available – one for consumers, and one for family, friends and carers.

The My Recovery program is aimed at mental health consumers and provides up-to-date information about mental health and recovery, and supports participants in developing new ways to improve social and emotional wellbeing. Facilitators all have a lived experience of mental health issues, and are trained and accredited to deliver the program.

The Building a Future program is aimed at family, friends and carers and assists them in maintaining their own wellness and supporting the recovery of their loved one.

Both of these programs come in two versions: a full program of several sessions over several weeks, and a snapshot program over a couple of days. For more information about these programs, you can download a copy of the corresponding brochure for each, or read more about them online at the following links:

Wellways – My Recovery

Wellways – Building a Future

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