Peer Work Service

Peer workers are people with a lived experience of mental ill-health and recovery. They bring valuable expertise to their role through personal experience of dealing with and managing emotional distress. The Flourish Peer Work Service trains peer workers and aims to find them meaningful employment in mental health settings. We currently employ a pool of peer workers who assist people in a range of ways.

How can I access the Flourish Peer Work Service?

Flourish has an agreement with Baptcare which allows our peer workers to help people apply for the NDIS psychosocial (mental health) support. As many people know, applying to get on the NDIS can be a very stressful process. Our peer workers aim to make things a bit easier. If you are interested in applying for NDIS support, you can contact Baptcare’s TasConnect Service on 1800 290 666, who will then refer you to a Flourish peer worker.

We also have arrangements with other mental health providers to supply peer workers for their services.

If you work for a mental health service or are a mental health consumer, and are interested in peer work in Tasmania, please contact Charlotte Ryan, Peer Work Coordinator, at

Flourish's NDIS Peer Workers