Mind Friendly Workplaces

What is The Workplace Wellbeing Program?

Mental health. We can be well today and unwell tomorrow, no matter what our background, age or profession.

Just under 50% of all Australian adults will experience mental ill health at some point in their life.

Good organisational practice shows that; if it is okay to talk about mental health at work, if knowledge and care replace fear and discrimination then the impact on a staff member or manager including their workplace attendance and performance is minimal – or there is no negative impact at all.

Flourish in partnership with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) are offering Tasmanian businesses and community organisations a heart-touching, light and positive mental health awareness program, teaching staff the mental health essentials.

Our facilitators have worked in various health and community settings, who are the experts ‘by experience’ and who can credibly talk about mental illness and normalise the experience.

Core Intended Impacts and Key Take Home Messages:

Benefits to the Workplace / Organisation

As well as the key take home messages, we know that improved mental health awareness has additional positive impacts.

Free for Your Workplace

This program is NDIS funded.

There is no cost for participating organisations.

There will be a cost in having staff/managers off line for a 3 hour session.

There will be cost saving through prevention, understanding and the promotion of wellbeing.

The team at Flourish has a vision to offer this program to small/medium size workplaces and community organisations, outside city centres, who perhaps otherwise would not consider such an initiative.

To take Flourish up on this unique opportunity please contact Brendan Barry.

We are an ILC Grant Recipient